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Reliably Verify 2D Data Matrix Codes

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The industry now has standards to reliably verify 2D Data Matrix codes. What metrics and methods can you use to assess a mark’s overall quality? By Carl W. Gerst III, Cognex Corporation, Senior Director & Business Unit Manager, ID Products INTRODUCTION Conventional bar codes (such as Universal Product Codes, or UPCs) have gained wide acceptance in applications ranging from checkout and inventory control in retail sales to tracking printed-circuit-board serial numbers in electronics manufacturing. To increase the character content and to store the information in smaller spaces, companies have developed two-dimensional alternatives. One of these, called Data Matrix, adopted as a standard, places square or round cells in a rectangular pattern. Its borders consist of two adjacent solid sides (the “L”) with the opposite sides made up of equally spaced dots. This symbology allows users to store information such...

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Verify & Monitor Direct Part Markings

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The Challenge: The customer wanted to read and verify 2D datamatrix codes that have been laser marked and / or dot peened onto the surface onto machined surfaces. The laser marked codes were not too much of a problem as there are no wear parts on the laser marking system. However, the stylus on the dot peen marker wore and as a result the quality of the code deteriorated. All codes marker need to meet at least a grade C on the AIM-DPM standard. Zero defect assemblies are crucial in the process so every code needs to be successfully read, therefore the code quality must meet the standards. When poor quality code is identified an alarm needs to be triggered to prompt the operator to remove it from the line so that the stylus can be replaced and the...

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What is Machine Vision?

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Machine Vision Inspection Systems What is Machine Vision? Machine Vision is an electronic alternative to human or manual inspection that helps companies increase productivity and save money by eliminating defective products with 100% accuracy. The DVT Legend and In-Sight Micro cameras are digital devices that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are self-contained computers that incorporate a microprocessor and a CCD element that first capture a digital image and then subsequently inspect that image for flaws. Using Windows-based software, features of a product can be evaluated based on criteria such as presence/absence, orientation, size, position, and many other specifications. This information can then be used to either immediately reject faulty products or alternatively instruct robots, HMI/SCADA devices, printers or other machines to perform the next step on a production line. Our camera systems are simple enough for an operator...

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3D Profiling a Concrete Slab

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Spot the Difference

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See if you can spot the differences between these two images (hint … there’s 5), watch the video for the results....

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LMI Gocator

Posted in LMI, Products

3D Measurement and Control, Made Easy Gocator 3D smart sensors enable production facilities to improve their inline, 100% non-contact inspection processes through the benefits of 3D. Gocator’s all-in-one design delivers high speed, quality results for manufacturing processes that handle a variety of challenging materials. The innovative user interface delivers everything needed to set up, scan, measure, and control in 3D from a web browser. No software development or specialized training is required. Everyone from production floor staff to the most experienced 3D systems engineer can setup and use Gocator to precisely measure as the application requires. With many models and options available, Gocator Displacement Sensors and Profile Sensors make improving quality control easy. Powerful Features, All-in-one Experience Web based interface with multi-language support Total control over setup and sensor operation delivered through a web browser Built-in measurement tools with data viewable...

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Cognex In-Sight 500

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In-Sight 500 Vision System Accelerated image acquisition for inspection on ultra-high speed manufacturing processes The In-Sight® 500 vision system is a high-performance, fixed-mount vision system, packaged in a rugged, IP65-rated housing. The In-Sight 500 vision system boosts an accelerated acquisition implementation which enables the system to acquire partial images up to 500 frames per second (fps). In addition to the standard In-Sight programming interface, In-Sight 500 provides an extensive tool set and state-of-the-art communication methods. Powered by Cognex VSoC™ The In-Sight 500 vision system is powered by a proprietary vision chip technology, Cognex VSoC™ (Vision System on a Chip), which enables the system to process images at up to 500 fps with windowed acquisition. High speed, simple vision inspection In addition to the standard In-Sight programming interface, expansive tool set and communication methods, the In-Sight 500 vision system achieves speeds...

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Cognex In-Sight 5000

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Industrial Cameras: In-Sight 5000 Industry-leading performance and ruggedness The unprecedented vision power and unmatched ruggedness of the In-Sight® 5000 Series vision systems are helping manufacturers around the world improve productivity, ensure product quality and lower manufacturing costs. And, an array of In-Sight models means that there’s one just right for your application. Industrial-Grade Design… In-Sight 5000 Series vision systems are the only vision systems in the world that provide industrial-grade features as standard. Rugged die-cast aluminum and stainless steel cases that can withstand the punishment of vibration, sealed M12 connectors, and a protective lens cover for IP67 and IP68 rated protection against dust and moisture—it all adds up to peace of mind on the factory floor. Unmatched Performance… Every In-Sight 5000 Series vision system delivers best-in-class performance. Most models are equipped with a full library of proven Cognex vision...

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Cognex In-Sight Micro

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In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Make it small. Make it smart. Make it easy. Make it colorful! Cognex has achieved all of this and more with the next-generation In-Sight® Micro vision system. Smallest…In-Sight Micro packs an entire vision system into an amazingly small package measuring just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm—the size of a remote head camera. Its small size, together with a unique non-linear calibration tool that enables mounting at angles of up to 45-degrees makes In-Sight Micro ideal for mounting in tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery anywhere on the production line. Smartest…In-Sight Micro includes the proven Cognex vision tool library to handle the broadest range of vision applications for the widest array of industries. And with the new EasyBuilder® configuration software, even the most powerful vision tools are accessible to users with little vision experience. Easiest…No PC required! The...

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High Performance Vision Sensor Inspections

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Industrial Sensors: Checker The simple, powerful vision sensors from Cognex. The SensorView™ 2 smart display from Cognex gives production managers the power to create, edit and monitor vision sensor activity without the need for a PC. With integrated part detection, lighting, I/O and job change, Checker 4G is the easy and affordable way to verify the products you manufacture. Four simple steps walk you through setup The image display simplifies setup by enabling you to see what the sensor sees Dynamic help is always available Edits and change values as required. Suports custom logicfrom the display panel. Checker’s unique inspection sensors provide the most reliable way to inspect your part: Brightness sensors look for dark or light areas on the part. Width sensors measure the width of a part, component, or feature. Contrast sensors look for areas on the part that contain both bright and dark areas:...

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Cognex In-Sight 7000

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Cognex Insight 7000 Entry level vision system  straight out of the box—In-Sight 7010 Models: 7010, 7020, 7050, 7200, 7400, 7402, 7230, 7430, 7432, 7210, 7410, 7412 In-Sight 7000 Series Small, tough and very smart The In-Sight® 7000 series of vision systems features powerful vision tools, autofocus, faster image capture, integrated lighting and lens and the capability to power and control a range of external lighting—all in a compact, industrial IP67 package that makes the system ideal for more applications than ever before. Autofocus Users can simply set and save the optimal focus values associated with the inspection of specific parts, making In-Sight 7000 the ideal choice for production situations requiring regular part changes or projects that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces. Integrated Lighting and Lens In-Sight 7000 offers integrated, field-replaceable lighting with five different color options, giving users...

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Cognex Systems

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ATEX and IECEx Certified Cameras

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ATEX and IECEx certified camera The VisEx camera solution is the only completely ATEX and IECE certified Enclosure and Camera solution available in the marketplace today.  We have designed and tested the enclosure and camera together so that it meets the standards required for ATEX/IECEx certification. Manufactured in marine grade stainless steel and toughened glass, the VisEx camera housing offers excellent environmental protection with protection to IP66/67 as standard. Visex ATEX and IECEx Certified Camera Enclosure The VisEx camera housing is suitable for housing various POE (Power Over Ethernet) camera and vision systems where operation in a Zone 1 hazardous area is required. Some examples of where these could be (and have been) used: Zone 1 areas vision inspection – large quantities of flammable liquids, gasses, ignitable vapour or mist is expected to be present for long periods of time under...

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The ABlux Nimbus Backlight

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The ABlux Nimbus backlight Back light illumination: We’ve designed them to meet the luminescence frequencies required for back-lit machine vision applications … at the lowest prices.  The standard dimensions we’ve stated tend to work for us, but alternative dimensions can be made for specifically for you. Luminaire Ratings Ceiling panel lights: The revolutionary way for interior illumination. Due to their extremely thin profile and light weight, the panels can be surface mounted or dropped into existing modular or suspended ceilings. Suitable for use in many applications including zone 2 areas and available in a variety of sizes (Emergency 3 hour duration versions also available). Luminaire Specifications Luminaire Type – LED Industrial & Zone 2 panel luminaire Ingress Protection – IP20 (Panel) IP66 (Driver) to EN60529 Material – Panel: Aluminium frame, acrylic diffuser. Driver: Aluminium enclosure Distribution/output – Internal diffusion reflector. Lamp Types – LED Lamp Cap – N/A Lamp Change –...

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Barbie Vision

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Get in touch with us to have a look at your vision application. The Vision Projects...

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Windscreen boss position on glass

Posted in Automotive, Featured, Object Location, Precision Measurement, Robotic Guidance

The Challenge: To ensure the position of a boss on a windscreen is positioned correctly. The system needs to detect the pitch and yaw of the boss which is mounted directly on the windscreen. The boss is the mounting point for the rear view mirror and in car microphone, so its critical that it is positioned correctly.  A tolerance of 0.2mm was needed for its position with an angular tolerance of +/- 2 degrees. Our Solution: The positional data of each boss was relayed to the PLC and screenshot of the results was displayed on the screen next to the production line. The accuracy required was achieved with the machine vision inspection system and it saved a lot of time by eliminating the need for manual / operator inspection. The data obtained from each inspection was also tagged to the job to...

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Saw tooth blade inspection

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The Challenge To check saw teeth have been formed correctly, this needs to happen while the blade is moving at a rate of 6m/min. Defects are typically malformed teeth and material cracks. Our Solution We manged to detect all the defects on the saw blades. Additionally, if five appeared consecutively (indicating that there was a problem in the formation tools) the line was stopped. All results are displayed to the operator for analysis, to help determine where the fault...

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Mesh Inspection

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The Challenge: To check that all joints in a continuous web of metal mesh material. Also, to check the formation of each ‘diamond’ to establish correct size and shape. This needs to be done while the web is fed past at a rate of 5m/minute. The system needs to detect any deviations in the web to an accuracy of 0.5mm. Our Solution: A 2K line scan vision system that continuously acquires small “slices” of the web as it moves past and stitches them together to form a large image that is continuously checked for defects. The camera is integrated to a PLC and green / amber /red traffic light warning system, allowing the operator to make adjustments to, or stop the...

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3D Tyre Profiling

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A true breakthrough in the world of 3D profiling. Up to now, this solution was created by projecting a laser line on the profile, and then monitoring that line with a vision system. The obvious problems with this are that you would need to re-calibrate the system for every set up … this system eliminates the need to do...

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Robot Vision Inspection On A Panel

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