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Cashew Nut Colour Inspection

Cashew Nut Colour Inspection

Cashew Nut Colour Inspection

The Challenge:

The customer was having problems with the nut roast time (under / over cooking) and they needed a system to be able to monitor it. The nuts travel through an oven on a conveyor and the roasting can be controlled by either the temperature of the ovens, or the speed of the conveyor (to reduce errors, the bake is controlled by the conveyors only). Initially they wanted the system to run independently of their ovens / conveyors but ultimately they would like to create a closed loop whereby the systems could connect directly to the conveyors, whereby consistent under or over baking adjusted the conveyor speed through the oven in order to compensate accordingly.

Our Solution:

A high resolution, colour area scan camera was installed along with diffuse LED lighting. The average colour of the roasted nuts is analysed and based upon statistical trend analysis the control system PLC adjusts the conveyor line speed as required. All results are recorded with a date and time stamp for full traceability, these are also presented to the operator on the line. If a major fault that is likely to result in rejected product is detected, the system also sends an email to senior management so that they are aware of it.


Since our foundation in 1967, ABCON has supplied automation controls and sensor technology into most types of manufacturing process and industry sectors. We have always moved with the times, supplying the latest sensing technology as it becomes commercially available. Throughout our history we have continually formed alliances with some of the Worlds leading manufacturers of sensor technology.

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