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CAB and Fuse Box Assembly Check

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Assembly verification

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Pack Reading

Posted in 2D Datamatrix Reading, Direct Bright Field Illumination, Featured, Food & Beverage, Inspection, Lighting, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Packaging, Uncategorized

The Challenge: Each pack has a label printed and applied to it and the 2D barcode and expiry date of each code needs to be read as the pack passes down a conveyor at a speed of 8m/min. The 2D code needs to be checked to ensure it contains the expiry date that is also printed on the pack. Information on the production / batch run is also contained within the code, this needs to be logged in a database located on the network for future trace ability. Our Solution: A complete turnkey solution was provided to the customer to be able to read, verify and record the information contained in each label....

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Fish Finger Inspection

Posted in Colour Inspection, Direct Bright Field Illumination, Featured, Food & Beverage, Inspection, Precision Measurement, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: The customer needed to check that every fish finger had the right amount of breadcrumb coating, that it was the right size, and was not deformed in any way.  These travelled down a 600mm wide conveyor at a rate of 100mm/second.  If a predetermined quantity of rejects are detected within a period of time then the system needs to be able to stop the line. Our Solution: A high resolution colour camera was used to inspect the entire width of the conveyor. Each fish finger was measured to ensure it was the right shape and size, and the coating of each was checked by checking the colour of it’s surface. All of the information collected was displayed on a screen on the side of the line and if the “critical” number of defects were  detected the line...

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Hot Cross Bun Inspection

Posted in Colour Inspection, Direct Bright Field Illumination, Featured, Flaw Detection, Food & Beverage, Inspection, Lighting, Object Location, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: Each tray of buns needed to be checked to ensure that the “crosses” were present (and in the right place and the right size) and that the bake was right (by checking the colour of the buns). All the information needed to be displayed to the bakery manager, in his office, and to the operator on the line so they could change the settings on the oven if they we’re not correct. This needed to happen at a rate of  6m/min on 600mm wide conveyor. The Solution: All buns were inspected successfully with a colour machine vision system. The camera were connected directly to the factory network so the images and results could be displayed to the bakery manager, and on a large display right next to the production line. Additionally  all the pass/fail images are stored on the network for production analysis at...

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