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Ceramic Ring Inspection

Posted in 3D Inspection, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, LMI, Other, Precision Measurement, Video


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3D Profiling – Aluminium profile

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ATEX and IECEx Certified Cameras

Posted in Automotive, Cognex, Featured, Medical, Other, Products

ATEX and IECEx certified camera The VisEx camera solution is the only completely ATEX and IECE certified Enclosure and Camera solution available in the marketplace today.  We have designed and tested the enclosure and camera together so that it meets the standards required for ATEX/IECEx certification. Manufactured in marine grade stainless steel and toughened glass, the VisEx camera housing offers excellent environmental protection with protection to IP66/67 as standard. Visex ATEX and IECEx Certified Camera Enclosure The VisEx camera housing is suitable for housing various POE (Power Over Ethernet) camera and vision systems where operation in a Zone 1 hazardous area is required. Some examples of where these could be (and have been) used: Zone 1 areas vision inspection – large quantities of flammable liquids, gasses, ignitable vapour or mist is expected to be present for long periods of time under...

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The ABlux Nimbus Backlight

Posted in Back Lighting, Featured, Other, Products

The ABlux Nimbus backlight Back light illumination: We’ve designed them to meet the luminescence frequencies required for back-lit machine vision applications … at the lowest prices.  The standard dimensions we’ve stated tend to work for us, but alternative dimensions can be made for specifically for you. Luminaire Ratings Ceiling panel lights: The revolutionary way for interior illumination. Due to their extremely thin profile and light weight, the panels can be surface mounted or dropped into existing modular or suspended ceilings. Suitable for use in many applications including zone 2 areas and available in a variety of sizes (Emergency 3 hour duration versions also available). Luminaire Specifications Luminaire Type – LED Industrial & Zone 2 panel luminaire Ingress Protection – IP20 (Panel) IP66 (Driver) to EN60529 Material – Panel: Aluminium frame, acrylic diffuser. Driver: Aluminium enclosure Distribution/output – Internal diffusion reflector. Lamp Types – LED Lamp Cap – N/A Lamp Change –...

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Barbie Vision

Posted in 3D Inspection, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Object Location, Other, Precision Measurement, Presence/Absence, Video

Get in touch with us to have a look at your vision application. The Vision Projects...

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Saw tooth blade inspection

Posted in Back Lighting, Featured, Flaw Detection, Lighting, Other, Precision Measurement

The Challenge To check saw teeth have been formed correctly, this needs to happen while the blade is moving at a rate of 6m/min. Defects are typically malformed teeth and material cracks. Our Solution We manged to detect all the defects on the saw blades. Additionally, if five appeared consecutively (indicating that there was a problem in the formation tools) the line was stopped. All results are displayed to the operator for analysis, to help determine where the fault...

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Cosmetics Cap Moulding Check

Posted in Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Other, Precision Measurement, Presence/Absence

The Challenge A manufacturer of shampoo products need to check that the cap on every bottle was securely closed prior to packing and final despatch. Our Solution A high speed camera system was installed which checked each bottle on the production line at a rate of 5 bottles/second. Any bottles with unclosed caps are automatically rejected from the line using an air based rejection...

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Datamatrix Reading

Posted in 2D Datamatrix Reading, Featured, Inspection, Other, Part Identification


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ECU Assembly Inspection

Posted in Colour Inspection, Diffuse Dome Light, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Lighting, Object Location, Other, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: To ensure that certain components have been correctly assembled on the PCB. Our Solution: A high resolution colour camera and white LED dome light was used to acquire an image of each PCB. Major components, such as electrolytic capacitors, chokes and the semiconductor chips are checked for presence and orientation (capacitors).  Incorrectly assembled PCBs are rejected and the machine operator...

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Moulding and Printing Confirmation

Posted in Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Object Location, Other, Precision Measurement, Presence/Absence


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Sports Drink Cap Check

Posted in Featured, Flaw Detection, Food & Beverage, Inspection, Object Location, Other, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: The machine vision system needs to check that all of the sports bottle caps have been assembled correctly, at a rate of 100 bottles per minute. Defects can include misformed, misaligned or missing caps, and kinks. The solution also needs to cater for multiple variants and needs to be able to suitable for a food grade (wash-down) environment. Our Solution: A turnkey, IP65 machine vision solution was installed to check every bottle ‘on the fly’, at a rates of up to 120 bottles per minute. The vision system checked for cap presence, position, and shape. The system was also integrated to a PLC which operates a reject mechanism, thus providing containment of defective products. Images of any defects are stored on a server with a date and time stamp, they are also displayed to the operator to help...

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Spray Bottle Cap Inspection

Posted in Back Lighting, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Object Location, Other, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: The bottles are being produced at a rate of  60  per minute and travel at 100mm/second. Each bottle needs to be checked to ensure that the applicator has been attached correctly, that the lever is in the right position, and that it is not damaged in any way. Our Solution: The turnkey solution managed to check for the presence of the applicator using a contrast tool, a measurement tool ensured that the position of the lever was correct, and a mixture of various other tools ensured that there were no defects. If a defective bottle was detected, the camera triggered a reject station in order to remove it from the production...

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3D Tyre Profiling

Posted in 3D Inspection, Automotive, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Other, Precision Measurement, Video

A true breakthrough in the world of 3D profiling. Up to now, this solution was created by projecting a laser line on the profile, and then monitoring that line with a vision system. The obvious problems with this are that you would need to re-calibrate the system for every set up … this system eliminates the need to do...

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Mesh Inspection

Posted in Back Lighting, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Other, Precision Measurement, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: To check that all joints in a continuous web of metal mesh material. Also, to check the formation of each ‘diamond’ to establish correct size and shape. This needs to be done while the web is fed past at a rate of 5m/minute. The system needs to detect any deviations in the web to an accuracy of 0.5mm. Our Solution: A 2K line scan vision system that continuously acquires small “slices” of the web as it moves past and stitches them together to form a large image that is continuously checked for defects. The camera is integrated to a PLC and green / amber /red traffic light warning system, allowing the operator to make adjustments to, or stop the...

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Braille Printing Plates

Posted in Dark Field Illumination, Featured, Inspection, Object Location, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Other

The Challenge: To be able to detect and identify the braille characters marked on the surface of a metal plate. Our Solution: The braille alphabet was pre-programmed into the database for reference once the characters were identified with the machine vision system and lighting solution. Using a Dark Field Lighting Technique we were able to identify the braille characters on the surface of the product. The light does not fall directly onto the objective and the majority of the region of interest is dark, while the affected areas on the surface, the braille characters, appear bright. Once the impressions were identified and segmented, they were then referenced to the database and the string of characters were identified. Find out more about the European Braille Packaging Font Standards, and download font sets at...

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Connector Inspection

Posted in Diffuse Dome Light, Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Lighting, Object Location, Other, Part Identification, Presence/Absence

The Challenge: A manufacturer of electrical connectors needed to guarantee the correct print and number of holes were present on each connector head. The connectors are manufactured in a semi automated process and they produce hundreds of different variants, with new ones being designed every week. Therefore new connector configurations/jobs need to be easily programmed into the system. When a defect is identified this needs to be relayed onto the operator (with a display identifying the fault) so they can remove it from the line to be re-worked. Our Solution: A turnkey solution was created whereby the operators presented the connector head to the vision system after it has been assembled for it to be checked that it is correct and that there are no defects. To help easily train the system for new connectors, a front end was created for the operator to easily load...

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Washer Inspection

Posted in Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Other, Precision Measurement

The Challenge: These  copper washers are manufactured at a rate of 5 per second. It is critical that no defects get sent to their customer (who will reject the whole order if this happens). The washers are 10mm diameter and typical defects are misshapes and burrs. Our Solution: We detected all the required defects. The Camera was connected directly to a reject station which removed any deformed products from the production...

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Thread Inspection

Posted in Featured, Flaw Detection, Inspection, Other, Precision Measurement

The Challenge: Each screw needed to be checked to make sure it was machined correctly and defect free. The screws needed to be checked at a rate of 6 per second, as they were fed off a bowl feeder. Our Solution: Various dimensional measurements were carried out by a machine vision camera, eliminating the need for manual / operator inspection. The data obtained from each inspection was presented to the operator on a touch screen display. The pass/fail count of each batch was logged in a central database to ensure traceability in the future....

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