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Cognex In-Sight 7000

Cognex Insight 7000

Entry level vision system 

straight out of the box—In-Sight 7010

Models: 7010, 7020, 7050, 7200, 7400, 7402, 7230, 7430, 7432, 7210, 7410, 7412

In-Sight 7000 Series

Small, tough and very smart

The In-Sight® 7000 series of vision systems features powerful vision tools, autofocus, faster image capture, integrated lighting and lens and the capability to power and control a range of external lighting—all in a compact, industrial IP67 package that makes the system ideal for more applications than ever before.

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Users can simply set and save the optimal focus values associated with the inspection of specific parts, making In-Sight 7000 the ideal choice for production situations requiring regular part changes or projects that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.

Integrated Lighting and Lens

In-Sight 7000 offers integrated, field-replaceable lighting with five different color options, giving users total flexibility to support any vision application.  In addition, integrated field-replaceable lenses allow users to further customize the vision system for specific applications.

Smarter Tools

In-Sight 7000 users can rely on proven In-Sight measurement, location and inspection vision tools and the flexible EasyBuilder® environment to make all inspection, defect detection, guidance, alignment and measurement applications easy to set up and deploy. New tools include OCRMax™ for optical character reading and verification applications. OCRMax gives In-Sight the power to achieve the highest read rates. OCRMax is fast, easy to set up and simple to use across all platforms.

Faster Image Capture

The In-Sight 7000 delivers the highest acquisition speeds available with In-Sight with a maximum of over 100 image captures per second. The high acquisition rate provides users reliable inspection of products on even the fastest bottling and pharmaceutical production lines.

Lighting Power and Control

Unlike most vision systems, the In-Sight 7000  has the capability to power and control specialized lighting directly which eliminates the need for external power supplies.

Even More Options

Cognex Connect™ offers the widest range of built-in communication protocols that interface directly with the vision system.  The compact In-Sight 7000 features built-in Ethernet, RS-232 serial and multiple discrete I/Os.  The system can communicate directly to virtually any PLC or robot controller and manage multiple smart cameras remotely from a networked PC or HMI, simplifying implementation and reducing costs.



Image Capture Rate

(in pixels)

Vision Tools

In-Sight 7010 2x 102 800 x 600 B
In-Sight 7020 2x 102 800 x 600 B/E
In-Sight 7050 2x 102 800 x 600 B/E
In-Sight 7200 6x 102 800 x 600 B/E/X/P
In-Sight 7400 12x 102 800 x 600 B/E/X/P
In-Sight 7402 12x 60 1280 x 1024 B/E/X/P
In-Sight 7230 6x 102 800 x 600 OCR
In-Sight 7430 12x 102 800 x 600 OCR
In-Sight 7432 12x 60 1280 x 1024 OCR
In-Sight 7210 6x 102 800 x 600 I
In-Sight 7410 12x 102 800 x 600 I
In-Sight 7412 12x 60 1280 x 1024 I
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spacer Cognex Insight 7000 spacer Cognex Insight 7000 spacer Cognex Insight 7000 spacer Cognex Insight 7000 spacer Cognex Insight 7000


1) Speed rating compared to In-Sight Micro 1020 model and does not include image capture rate.
2) Image Capture Rate is based on minimum exposure, and a full image frame capture.
3) Supported Tools:
[B]  Base tool set includes pattern, edge, blob, and circle tools.
        [E]   Essential Tool Set includes: blob, edge, curve and line finding, histogram and geometry tools, image filters, pattern matching, and standard calibration.
 [X]  Extended Tool Set includes: non-linear calibration and caliper tool. PatMax®option available.
        [P]  PatMax available.
 [I]   ID tool set includes: 1-D/2-D barcode reading and verification, text reading and verification (OCR/OCV) and image filters.
[OCR] OCR tools only.


In-Sight Product Guide

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