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Cognex In-Sight Micro

In-Sight Micro Vision Systems

Micro 1

Make it small. Make it smart. Make it easy. Make it colorful! Cognex has achieved all of this and more with the next-generation In-Sight® Micro vision system.

Smallest…In-Sight Micro packs an entire vision system into an amazingly small package measuring just 30mm x 30mm x 60mm—the size of a remote head camera. Its small size, together with a unique non-linear calibration tool that enables mounting at angles of up to 45-degrees makes In-Sight Micro ideal for mounting in tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery anywhere on the production line.

Micro 2

Smartest…In-Sight Micro includes the proven Cognex vision tool library to handle the broadest range of vision applications for the widest array of industries. And with the new EasyBuilder® configuration software, even the most powerful vision tools are accessible to users with little vision experience.

Easiest…No PC required! The unique VisionView® operator interface panel makes it easier than ever to monitor production processes. VisionView automatically detects any Cognex vision system on the network and simultaneously displays information from up to nine vision systems in a tiled view.

And Colorful!


  From food processing to consumer goods packaging, from pharmaceutical inspection to automotive assembly—In-Sight Micro can now solve the most difficult color applications, including color sortation, color-based product-identification and assembly verification, and highly sensitive monitoring of color hues.
  The color revolution has arrived—with innovative color tools and several models to choose from, the In-Sight Micro family sets a performance standard for all-in-one color vision systems.



In-Sight Micro Series Vision Systems

Whether for single-point inspection tasks, or building an entire factory-wide network of vision systems, In-Sight Micro models are available to meet the cost and functionality of the application.

General Applications
In-Sight 1020 Entry-level system with limited tool set*, EasyBuilder interface only (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1050 Entry-level system with limited tool set*, EasyBuilder interface plus spreadsheet flexibility (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1100 Best price/performance system with complete tool library (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1400 Fastest system (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1402 High acquisition rate and 1280 x 1024 resolution
In-Sight 1403 High resolution system in Micro form factor (1600 x 1200)

Color Applications
In-Sight 1100C Entry-level color system (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1400C Fastest color system (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1403C High resolution color system (1600 x 1200)

ID Applications
In-Sight 1110 ID reader-only version (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1410 Fastest ID reader-only version (640 x 480)
In-Sight 1413 High resolution ID reader-only version (1600 x 1200)
* Limited tool set provides all In-Sight vision tools except ID code and text reading/verification, non-linear calibration, and PatMax®.


In-Sight Product Guide

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