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Pill Inspection

Pill Inspection

Pill Inspection

The Challenge:

To check that all the pills have been formed correctly, that they are the right size, shape, colour and free from any defects (inclusions, voids, contamination … etc)

Accuracy of the measurement needed to be within 10 microns and had to be a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system. The tablet finishes also vary (coated (film), bright or flat finish, white or coloured, uncoated, printed, embossed, potential multilayers, etc.) so it has to cope with that as well.

Our Solution:

A turnkey vision inspection solution to check every pill, down to 5 microns. The vision tools checked the perimeter and the center (break) line of each pill for any defects. It can cope with most finishes and the most common tablet shapes as well (round, almond, caplet, triangular, oblong, octagonal, oval, square, pentagonal, tear).  The system checks the top surface of the pill, additional cameras could have been added to provide a full 360° Inspection of every pill (rear and side surfaces, also).

The cameras are integrated to PLCs and reject mechanisms to provide containment of the defective product. Images of any defects are displayed to the operator to help identify manufacturing faults.

Since our foundation in 1967, ABCON has supplied automation controls and sensor technology into most types of manufacturing process and industry sectors. We have always moved with the times, supplying the latest sensing technology as it becomes commercially available. Throughout our history we have continually formed alliances with some of the Worlds leading manufacturers of sensor technology.

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