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Verify & Monitor Direct Part Markings

DPM Code Quality Monitoring

The Challenge:

The customer wanted to read and verify 2D datamatrix codes that have been laser marked and / or dot peened onto the surface onto machined surfaces. The laser marked codes were not too much of a problem as there are no wear parts on the laser marking system. However, the stylus on the dot peen marker wore and as a result the quality of the code deteriorated. All codes marker need to meet at least a grade C on the AIM-DPM standard. Zero defect assemblies are crucial in the process so every code needs to be successfully read, therefore the code quality must meet the standards. When poor quality code is identified an alarm needs to be triggered to prompt the operator to remove it from the line so that the stylus can be replaced and the part can be re-worked.

Our Solution:

A self-contained, turnkey vision system was used to monitor the quality of all the codes, these were also relayed onto the plc to ensure the correct code had been marked. An HMI and external alarm were connected directly to the camera so that the operator is prompted when a poor quality code is marked.

Reliably Verify 2D Datamatrix Codes

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