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Vision system FAQs

Whatever it can see … typical applications include:

– Measurement checks/ gauging

– Presence checks

– Flaw detection

– Robot guidance

– General inspection

– Identification

Inspections can be initiated and controlled by:

– Inputs from a simple sensor

– More advanced inspection control via inputs from a PLC

– Data received from another networked device (ie PC, PLC or Robot Controller)

Not necessarily, all you have to do it program it with the “ideal” and it will tell you if it deviates from this (you can adjust the tolerances).

Almost anything! We can:

– connect directly to a reject station and get rid of the defect;

– send a signal to your network;

– transfer the failed image to a folder on the network;

– tell a robot where the defect is so it can pick it out;

– send you an email so you know something is wrong

… the possibilities are endless!