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What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Machine Vision Inspection Systems

What is Machine Vision?

Machine Vision is an electronic alternative to human or manual inspection that helps companies increase productivity and save money by eliminating defective products with 100% accuracy. The DVT Legend and In-Sight Micro cameras are digital devices that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are self-contained computers that incorporate a microprocessor and a CCD element that first capture a digital image and then subsequently inspect that image for flaws.

Using Windows-based software, features of a product can be evaluated based on criteria such as presence/absence, orientation, size, position, and many other specifications. This information can then be used to either immediately reject faulty products or alternatively instruct robots, HMI/SCADA devices, printers or other machines to perform the next step on a production line. Our camera systems are simple enough for an operator to maintain, flexible enough for the most demanding applications, and can be integrated onto any existing machine in your facility. We provide free training, free software and demonstrations offering the best value in machine vision.

Typical Types  Of Inspections:


• Object Location

• Robotic Guidance

• Presence/Absence

• Precision Measurement

• Flaw Detection

• Date/Lot Code Reading

• Part Identification

• 1D Barcode Reading

• Colour Inspection

• 2D Datamatrix Reading


Industries Using Our Vision Systems:


• Medical

• Pharmaceutical

• Automotive

• Plastics

• Packaging

• Food

• Printing and Marking

• Aerospace

Since our foundation in 1967, ABCON has supplied automation controls and sensor technology into most types of manufacturing process and industry sectors. We have always moved with the times, supplying the latest sensing technology as it becomes commercially available. Throughout our history we have continually formed alliances with some of the Worlds leading manufacturers of sensor technology.

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