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ABCON vision projects team

Inspection processes have always existed in manufacturing processes, letting something slip through the net can have dire consequences. Quality, safety, efficiency … you’ve heard them before … and we love to help our customers say them with confidence!

With more than 20 years experience and a lust for innovation, we exercise what we know and want, to deliver the right solutions for today.

How We Work

This site is aimed to bring you examples of vision systems applications to help you invigorate the analysis of your own processes. Let our technical teams knowledge and resources help you find easier ways of integrating vision systems to your applications … rest assured that wherever possible, we will endeavour to improve your existing installations.

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Can vision help you?

It might do, how does a free evaluation sound?

If we like the look of your application we’ll even run a free workshop tailored to your project … and as always, you have our free technical support before, and after your vision solution has been delivered.

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Happy browsing, watching, learning,

The ABCON vision projects team.