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We have first hand experience of exploration activities allowing us to understand the requirements and assist our consultants.

Knowing what our clients expect allows Vision Projects to select the right consultants each time for every project. Having the ability to provide a global reach for our organization through our network of associate offices and agents.

Vision Project Services (UK) Ltd – Providing a wide range of Oil industry services including Survey Design and Project Evaluation – Technical Audits – Marine Seismic Acquisition QC – Ocean Bottom and Nodal Seismic QC – Land Seismic Acquisition QC – Land Seismic Geomatics – QC – Land Seismic Geomatics – Positioning – Land Seismic Geomatics – Mapping – Land Seismic Geomatics – ERW – QA/QC Applications – Field Application Software – MMO & PAM Services

We have managed nearly 600 projects to date covering all aspects of the seismic exploration project, from pre-planning and bid evaluation to project management and field QA/QC.

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Drones, including fixed-wing, have been used by GEO Resources in Oman for mapping, imagery, pipeline inspection, flare tip inspection and incident site investigation. Companies have trialled drones for deployment of nodes in challenging terrain, and for remote QC of nodes. The evolving technology, which we see in the future for geophysical operations, is summarized in the graphic. · Node technology will enable fully flexible receiver geometries, these can be used to mitigate the physical constraints…


The integrity and quality of recorded seismic data is critical to the success of a seismic acquisition program. In order to achieve the best quality seismic data, recording instrumentation and seismic sources should perform as per manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure that all controllable aspects of the acquisition process are functioning as best possible and thus obtain the best response from less controllable aspects such as ground and subsurface conditions. It is therefore very important…


The GRCSeisQC™ program enables the remote quality control of 2D/3D Vibroseis acquisition data via internet from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary software provides detailed analysis of the acquisition system components and vibrator performance including similarity processing along with a detailed daily, weekly and monthly report to the client. The daily report includes easy visualisation of graphs to clearly show out of spec channels, equipment and vibrators along with the recommended action to be taken…

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